RAS KARBI was born in Jamaica.
The 21st and last child of his father, and the third for his mother.
He was raised and schooled during his first 14 years in
Spanish Town. He started his first band (The Now Generation)
when he was just 17 years old. His career got off to an
impressive start when he later teamed up with Peter Tosh
on (guitar), Tyrone Downey (of the Wailers) on keyboards,
Horse Mouth (on drums), with Ras Karbi on lead vocals and bass;
The result was a song called Discrimination.
“...The most controversal song in the history of Jamaican music.
Every toungue of every age, class colour and creed chanted to the
catchy, entertaining and provocative lyrics of Discrimination;
the pleased and not so pleased rock to the beat.“
wrote Winston Barnes of the Jamaica Daily News.
Karbi is also a noted sculptor, who studied at the
Rhode Island School Of Design (Providence R.I.)
and The Brooklyn Museum Art School (New York).
He has won several awards and scholarships in his
homeland and the United States.

Where is the second wave of singers and players of
instruments to retain creative control of Reggae music?
Ras Karbi is among that number, and this, his first album
stands ready for your judgement.
His multi-talent has achieved much by way of being an
acclaimed Broadway performer, and is listed in the
1978 Encyclopaedia Britanica Year Book as
“a leading composer and performer...“
Most of all he brings to his music a fresh sound with
a strong folk quality. The songs are of mixed music
and meaning without the interminable monotone of so
many Reggae albums. The overview is that Ras Karbi
has delivered a record of wide appeal; there is that
which speaks to Rastafarian belief, but moreso an
album firmly grounded in the Jamaican experience,
with insight, humor and abiding faith. It is at once
international, for much of its music is aimed at
boudaries wider than the parochialism of “yard“.
We shall, as many have already recognised,
yes indeed, his time is now!

Dermot Hussey

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